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Technology is our passion! We love to share our passion with others.

The internet is a great way of getting your product recognized by as many people as possible. Likewise, We are always eager to try out new things and share our experience with others.

As of March 2013, This site receives an average of 10,000 to 15,000 unique international visits per month. In addition, the writers of this site are long time computing enthusiasts who are all very technically savvy. They are equipped with the technical know-how and the writing skills necessary to fully analyze your product or service and provide an impartial analysis.

Providing us the means to promote your product or service on our website would greatly expand your brand recognition and user base. It would be a great business opportunity for you and us both! You get great feedback and many potential users, and we get to try out amazing new products and services.

Possible inquires may include, but are not limited to:

  • Product review requests
  • Application review requests
  • Affiliate offers
  • Product sponsorship

REQUIREMENTS: will NEVER charge for reviews. Independent developers can rest easy knowing their product will receive a complete, thorough, and impartial review for no money down.

We do require a few small things in exchange for a review though.

  • Access to your product!
    If your application or product is a paid item, we will require you to grant us access to it. If it is a paid application, we will need a voucher / code  for a free download. If it is a physical product, we will provide you with a mailing address to send your product out. For physical products, we will USUALLY try to return the product after the review, or it will be given away to readers as part of a promotion (with your discretion of course).
  • Mention Of / Link To our website: WWW.MYPHONEDAILY.COM
    We want our name and brand known to as many people as possible. You can help us with this. By posting a mention of us on your description page, it achieves 2 things1. Provides credibility to your product
    2. Gives us more traffic from curious individuals.

    Because of our traffic, linking back to our main page / the page of your product review will be mutually beneficial to both you and us. As such, we would really appreciate it if you did us this one small favor.


You may also contact us with any concerns you have about the site and it’s content. We are always happy to hear from our readers.

If you would like to contact us for any business related reason, please send us an email at with the subject “Business Inquiries”

Thank you again for all of the support!

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