Is XiaoMi actually considering a flagship-killing digital camera?

Is XiaoMi actually considering a flagship-killing digital camera?

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There are rumours that after many smart inventions lately by Xiaomi, the Chinese giant in phone making is working on a secret project on digital cameras code named C1, C2 and an all-in-one video recorder. C1 and C2 come with the same price of RMB 1999 and the video recorder will be at RMB2999.

The rumours seem to be realistic but some critics say that the digital camera market is gradually being replaced by smartphones with super camera lenses built-in. If XiaoMi has to stand out from the crowd, they will have to work harder on the optical zoom function of the digital camera to win this war over with technical specification. However, the truth is XiaoMi may not possess the technical know-how to make good use of their software and hardware with professional leading imaging equipment companies.

Having attempted to obtain insider news from XiaoMi, it is now confirmed that XiaoMi has no plans to release camera products right now.



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