OnePlus 2 Launch event

OnePlus 2 Launch event

Todayjuly27oneplus will be OnePlus 2’s launch event. In order to watch the event, you will need to install the app here.


Oneplus confirmed that they will follow an invite system similar to its predecessor to the dismay of many. This is likely due to production shortage and will create a gray market of resellers trying to flip the phone and even sell the invites.

It is a bit surprising considering the Oneplus One has been on the market for over a year and one would think they would have manufacturing and issues taken care of.

OnePlus decided early on that they will use a virtual reality experience and a few months ago, they passed out google goggles. The event will start July 27 at 7:00PM California time. This will be very exciting to find out the actual price, features, and especially how the invite system will work. I’ve been using the OnePlus for 6 months now and love it!

When is the OnePlus 2 launch event? July 27, 2015

What time is the OnePlus 2 launch event? 7:00pm California time

How can I watch the OnePlus 2 launch event? By downloading the OnePlus 2 Launch App here

How can I buy the phone? You need to get an invite. Sign up to get an invite now! -> Click here


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