iPhone 6 Plus sold out at Hong Kong Apple Retail Store in 2 minutes

iPhone 6 Plus sold out at Hong Kong Apple Retail Store in 2 minutes

It is very certain right now that iPhone 6 Plus is a super rare item for people around the globe especially in Hong Kong, where people buy iPhone 6s and 6 Pluses to resell to Mainland China, earning from a huge profit margin.

Apple started reservation for in-store pick-up earlier this morning in Hong Kong (16.9.2014). People (as well as those who speculate), act really fast and all the iPhone 6 Plus models were fully booked at all timeslots given in 2 minutes. Meanwhile, we see no more options for 4.7-inch version of the iPhone 6 in less than 10 minutes. Apple website implemented a lot of security measures to block automatic bots away from getting their iPhone 6, including SMS verification, Capcha, Apple ID.

Judging from the time needed to take down all iPhone 6 Plus models in three different Apple Retail Stores, we can really tell that the demand for iPhone 6 Plus in Hong Kong, mainly as well as China is huge.

Demand for Hong Kong models of iPhones has always been high because the models are sold at a relatively cheaper currency and are available in unlocked versions.



Source: unwire.hk

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