iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders got cancelled? Here’s why!

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders got cancelled? Here’s why!

Some customers reported that their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus preorders get cancelled due to unspecified reason,

Apple has a special division in the United Kingdom which counter-checks the validity of Apple IDs existing on the system. What they do is to check if people are having duplicated Apple IDs and making dishonest purchases or performing any unscrupulous activities on their company’s web store.

The hottest news these two weeks must be the announcement and launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. People who would like to make money by reselling iPhone 6 might buy multiple items exceeding the limit (2 per person). The Apple Store has a very intelligent system to determine which of the Apple IDs making the purchases are not following the rules.

The acceptance of your order doesn’t mean your order is safe. It is just that Apple received your order and nothing more. When you get the Order is being processed email, you are one step closer to the goal. Yet, for the above two steps, your order is still not yet confirmed until you receive the preparing for shipment email. Apple has every right, according to the terms and conditions, to terminate the order should they find irregularities in your transaction.

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The following cases are very common among people who get their orders cancelled:

1. Accounts with same delivery address

2. Accounts with same real name

3. Accounts linked the the same credit card

4. Apple IDs with similar textual and associated features

5. Accounts with the same or similar phone number.

Of course, we do not encourage speculations of Apple products. But in case you really want to go over the required limit of 2 units per person, you should review your Apple IDs and the information inside to ensure you don’t have duplicated accounts. The reason why some customer follow the rules but they still get their iPhone 6 preorders cancelled is probably because the system might find that you have duplicated accounts. And, be careful next time!

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