Apple Watch criticized for the one-day battery life

Apple Watch criticized for the one-day battery life

Apple did not reveal technical specification of the Apple Watch during the announcement event 2 days ago. After the announcement, Apple revealed that the Apple Watch Battery is going to last for one day and users are charging the watch every night.

Nat Kerris, spokesperson of Apple Inc stated that Apple watch gathered a lot of new technologies in one single device. People will spend a lot of time playing the Apple Watch and charge the watches at night. Hence, Apple redesigend the charging solution for smartwatches and incorporated MagSafe into the Apple Watch for better charging experience.

Apple Insider, however, published articles reflecting dissatisfaction of some people regarding the battery life of the Apple Watch. Some other sources said Apple would enhance the battery as there are still room for improvement before the launch in early 2015.

The one-day battery life is very common among other similar competitors on the market. Some lower-end technology smartwatch such as Pebble has longer batteyr life yet still running on a black and white display. The Pebble watch is capable of lasting almost a week. Therefore, a colourful multi-touch screen poses huge challenge for a device as tiny as such.

Since the Apple Watch is still under development, the specification has not been confirmed yet. Apple has also refused to provide further information regarding the details of the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is going to be sold from US$349 but price for other configurations as well as the 18K gold Apple Watch Edition have not been released.


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