Why is China (except Hong Kong) missing in the 19.9.2014 iPhone 6 launch?

Why is China (except Hong Kong) missing in the 19.9.2014 iPhone 6 launch?

Apple announced their best phone ever – iPhone 6 in the Flint Centre this morning on 9.9.2014. It is a milestone for the smartphone development as well as Apple’s great leap forward to adopting bigger displays and technologies such as NFC.

While many people were missing the Chinese Lady’s voice on the official live broadcast, a lot more people expected the iPhone 6 to land on Chinese retail network the same date as the US does. However, only Hong Kong, the special administrative region in China, gets the first round of iPhone 6 while the mainlanders may have to wait for a bit longer until they get official iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in their hands. Despite the heavy business interest in mainland China, Apple chose Hong Kong over the bigger pie. Below are some possible explanation to the Apple’s move.

Punishment Rumour:

Some say that Apple has a very great confidential treaty with all the suppliers and buyers in China. Yet, there are lots and enough leaks of Apple’s top business secret and therefore, China is not getting the first batch of the iPhone 6 as a penalty to what they have done. Indeed, even some cellular providers leaked the images of the iPhone 6 few days earlier.

Reasons regrading sapphire crystal production:

Some say that the production of sapphire crystal is behind schedule leading to a shortage of stock of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. However, this myth is just busted because both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are not coming with sapphire crystal screen. Therefore, it leaves no reason for delaying the launch of iPhone 6 in mainland China since the stock should be able to support or at least catch up shortly with the huge demand.

Licensing Issues:

Some also say that despite iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus is being launched in United States, France, Great Britain, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong on 9.9.2014, China still has not granted the entry license for iPhone 6 as well as 6 plus. Insiders rumor that Apple awaits for the development of TD-LTE in China. The Chinese government might also screen out FDD cellular models in selected cities. Yet, reliable informants also say that the Chinese official is about the grant entry license to Apple in one to two weeks time (including TD-LTE LTE-FDD).

At this moment, the three telecom giants in China, namely China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, all launches their preorder campaigns. They are getting around 100k registered preorders in the first few hours of the preorder.

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