Latest WhatsApp update: archiving messages and more.

Latest WhatsApp update: archiving messages and more.

WhatsApp has gained enough attention after being bought out by the social media giant Facebook. Luckily WhatsApp is still keeping its customers happy with providing updates and new features from time to time.

Today, WhatsApp released their latest update on iOS. Some of the new features are simply awesome.

The first new feature is a camera button next to the audio button on the chat screen. This gives you instant access of your camera when you are in a middle of something and want to share with the counterpart instantly by taking photos without clicking the media button and choose between from camera or your camera. It is a simplest smart revamp.



There are also new settings available on the WhatsApp in particular having the option to choose how you want to download the media (including photos, videos and audios). People come with various cellular plans and some may have difficulties with their data usage because the media may be downloaded automatically without permission. Having the auto-download options WhatsApp gives users more choices to make over how they want to have their media downloaded via Wi Fi or Cellular. In other words, this might help some users save their data usage.



Some users may share their location during chats but some may find it difficult to pin-point a location in the previous version. The latest update fro WhatsApp gives users freedom to pin-point the place they are in so as to share with their chat buddies accurately the location that they want.



Like before, updates from WhatsApp usually come with couple of new wallpapers for customers to use.



Another new feature is the archiving of the messages and chats in the WhatsApp. Some may feel very tired scrolling down thousands of messages and contacts in the Chats window. WhatsApp now allows users to archive older messages and clean up the chat window for convenience. This might help heavy messaging people to clean up the chat history while having no need to delete the messages.




WhatsApp is free to download but charges annual fee of $0.99 USD. Yet its annual fee are usually waived from time to time.

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