HUAWEI Mate 7 images revealed

HUAWEI Mate 7 images revealed

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Chinese Smartphone producer HUAWEI is also making its new product debut in IFA 2014 at Berlin. The new flagship is named Mate 7. Today, there are some leaked images circulated on weibo showing the design of the Mate 7.

The Mate 7 seems to be shipped with a metallic casing and with a very thin edge between the display and the side. Many comments online say that Mate 7 looks 60% like the HTC One Max. Sure, it does. The Mate 7 has a fingerprint scanner at the rear. (This might be a turn-off for many potential customer since it is already old fashioned compared to the touchID on iPhone 5s). The dual flashlight will give better colour tone and be a nice feature to have on a phablet like this.

In terms of the technical specification, it is quite certain that the Mate 7 will have a 6-inch 1080p display and HUAWEI’s own Kirin 920 1.8Gz processor. It is also confirmed that the Mate 7 has a 2GB internal memory and 16GB internal storage. The flagship is only 7.9 mm thick. The Mate 7 carries a 13 mega pixel rear karma together with a 5 mega pixel front camera. Having all these outstanding specification, the Mate 7 also features a 4000 mAh battery that holds all these things up.

Mr. Yu Chueng-dong from HUAWEI claimed that their company is pooled huge resources and capital into the research and development of Mate 7. Mate 7 is going to be an outstanding and top flagship device of HUAWEI. However, going outside of the usual practice of chinese-made phones, the HUAWEI Mate 7 may have higher price tag – around 5000 RMB (~$600USD).

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