Assembled iPhone 6 hands-on video available

Assembled iPhone 6 hands-on video available


There are enough iPhone 6 photos leaks recently. had just published a stunning video showing the iPhone 6 in action. They claimed that the iPhone 6 obtained was assembled by the parts given from their sources. Feld & Volk themselves are a iPhone customisation company that helps people customise and beautify their smartphones.

Despite the device was allegedly assembled by parts, the phone is capable of booting up after plugging in the lightning cable. My immediate reaction to this is : how does mere parts work in such a great order? Never mind, they have signed business contracts with Apple not to disclose their top secrets so that’s why no one is going to admit they have the real iPhone 6 on hand since this might damage their partnership with Apple.

Being put next to the existing model – iPhone 5s, the rumoured iPhone 6 here seems to be the 4.7-inch version. When the device is booted up, there was a strange icon on the screen (a gear running for 1 -2 second) before actuating entering the screen that requires you to connect to iTunes.

The only suspicion I have right here is that whether this iPhone is running on an older version of the iOS. Since iOS 7 iPhones can be booted without connecting the iTunes. All you have to do after iOS 7 is connect to the internet to set your Apple account up. If you skip the verification with Apple, you can still go on and enter the home screen without plugging in the charging cable.



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