Announcement at Flint Centre is Apple’s biggest hint: iWatch

Announcement at Flint Centre is Apple’s biggest hint: iWatch

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Flint Centre in Cupertino chosen as the venue for the announcement event this year. The Centre was where Steve Jobs first introduced the first Mac computer. Therefore, we dare say that the invitation letter this time carries less meaning than the venue itself.

“Wish we could say more.”

The “more” may mean that it is something out of our expectation. Everyone knows that Apple is going to unveil their iPhone on 9.9.2014. Yet, there have already been rumours that Apple will debut their iWatch this year. Before the event, its competitors in South Korea have already released their latest smart watches. Hence, it is not surprising that Apple is going to make public their latest invention in the Flint Centre.

However, sources say that the iWatch will not be available until early 2015. That makes sense. We have already been seeing lots of leaked iPhone 6 images while none of the sources have found any substantial evidence that the iWatch is now in production. It is anticipated that Apple will reveal the iWatch in the 9.9.2014 event so as to comfort the customers and buy their confidence in advance. The iWatch is going to work with lots of iOS features including the Apple-designed Health Kit. The application certainly will not be working only with third party producers because Apple will not lose this chance of making profit with their own-branded accessories. By introducing the iWatch in the announcement event, Apple may also recover their stock price which has dropped recently by restoring consumer confidence. Therefore, it is quite possible that Apple will release their first wearable device on the 9.9.2014 event.

Latest concept photos of iWatch:


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