Thinner and Better: Sony Xperia Z3 leaked information and images

Thinner and Better: Sony Xperia Z3 leaked information and images

The IFA 2014 is going to be the hottest event this year. Samsung will be showcasing its Galaxy Note 4 and Sony is also planning to release their year-end flagship Xperia Z3. We reported earlier about leaked prototype image regarding the Z3 mini. Xperia Blog today brought us some new images of the Z3. The Sony flagship is going to be available in 3 colours – black, white and amber colours. The dimensions of the Z3 is 146.5 x 72.4 x 7.35 mm and it weights 158.4g.

From the tear-down photos of the Z3, we can see that Z3 will have a external memory card slot, hopefully a mirco SD card slot. However, the Z3 is having a slightly smaller battery capacity which is only 3100 mAh compared to the 3200 mAh in Xperia Z2. Therefore, it is obvious that Sony sacrificed the battery capacity for the thinness of the Z3.

As a half-year flagship, the Z3 comes out without substantial upgrade on the processor as well as other hardware. It features a 5.2 inch 1080 p display, 2.5 Ghz Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 3GB internal memory and only 16GB storage. The new Xperia will run on Android 4.4.4.

Regarding the camera, Z3 has a 2mega pixel front and 20 mega pixel rear camera together with a flashlight. Z3 will very lightly be launched at the IFA on 3.9.2014. Some Chinese media reported that the device has already passed the mobile telecom certification in China.


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