Apple preparing to ship 70 – 80 million iPhone 6 in the first batch

Apple preparing to ship 70 – 80 million iPhone 6 in the first batch


We are another day closer to the official debut of iPhone 6 on 9.9.2014. Yesterday, there were leaked images of the 4.7 inch version of iPhone 6 reminding us that the 4.7 inch iPhone is going to have a 1810 mAh battery built in. Of course, we also mentioned earlier that there’s also another larger screen size iPhone named iPhone 6L featuring a 5.5 inch Retina Display. None of the screens of the two flagship phones in September is having the Sapphire Crystal yet the Sapphire Crystal will be available in the advanced models probably in iPhone 6s (iPhone 6Ls?). Moreover, Apple is going have a major evolution for their lightning cables as users are able to plug in the cables either way with the redesigned cable connection port. Anyways, Apple is going to hit the market.

Today, rumours in Taiwan and Hong Kong emphasised the number of iPhone 6 being shipped in the first round. Apple seems to hint that there are 70 – 80 million units to be shipped in the first batch probably on 19.9.2014. This figure comes from the manufacturers of iPhone parts in Shenzhen and Chiang Zhou. The parts are said to begin final testing in late August 2014.

Sadly, the testing for 5.5 inch iPhone is not yet ready and the manufacturers in China expect the larger size iPhone to be launched or shipped in mid October. Fans of iPhone may be slightly disappointed because there will be a delay in the launch of the larger screen iPhone 6. As a result, Apple might not meet the target and lose the opportunity to win its rival Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is also rumoured to be announced during the IFA 2014. (4.9.2014)


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