iPhone 6 battery image leaked

iPhone 6 battery image leaked

s_3fe220eb702345eea0b937fd1adebceb We reported yesterday that iPhone 6 is coming out with another larger screen version rumoured to be named iPhone 6L.This 5.5 inch version of iPhone is also said to come with an outstanding battery that is more than 2915 mah of capacity. Today, we have some leaked information from inside Foxconn that the 4.7 inch iPhone is coming with a 1810mAh Li-ion battery. The images tell us that this the iPhone 6 batteries are already in production. Currently. the iPhone 5s hosts 1560 mAh battery capacity, the iPhone 6 is going to surpass this limit by featuring 250 mAh battery capacity. Yet, no one knows the detailed specification of the other parts in the iPhone 6. Therefore, it is unclear right now how long this 1810 mAh battery is going to last. s_e97424b7af034a1d9d2de90ad4b91106 s_b1c1f08a24754f9c90011bcab6e038e9 s_e22d90c2e40648a695857c63fb603386 Source: mydrivers

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