More photo leaks concerning iPhone 6 (direct from Foxconn)

More photo leaks concerning iPhone 6 (direct from Foxconn)


TMZ leaked another round of the rumoured iPhone 6 directly from one plant of Foxconn in China. The leaked iPhone 6 seems to be a prototype that is held by a Foxconn staff who is responsible for the manufacturing of iPhone 6.


This iPhone 6 is allegedly running on a modified version of the iOS and we still can’t have proof that it is on iOS 8. Judging from the photos, we can’t find any breakthrough from our previous reports regarding leaked images. The iPhone 6 is still having a rounded design and very remarkable (some may say ugly) antenna on the back cover. The only difference we found here is the FCC certification pretend on the back of the iPhone. Well, it seems that these photos are not edited by Photoshop but we still have no proof that this is the iPhone 6 we are waiting for. Especially when it is put side by side with an iPhone 5S, it seems to be of the same thickness. No one is going to be astonished and attracted if the iPhone 6 remains as bulky as iPhone 5 model two years later.



Maybe Apple is testing the water by allowing some photos of their flagship out, we don’t know.

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