iPhone 6 being sold in Hong Kong? iPhone 6 Prototype appearing in Hong Kong Grey Market

iPhone 6 being sold in Hong Kong? iPhone 6 Prototype appearing in Hong Kong Grey Market


For those who are waiting for an iPhone 6 desperately, here is a cure. We have less than a month to go before iPhone 6 is announced on 9.9.2014. Yet, the Prototype of iPhone 6 has already arrived in a local grey market in Hong Kong, China. Sincere Centre is the world famous grey market for selling mobile accessories and cell phones. One of the many merchants in the shopping centre was recently found selling the dummy iPhone 6. Again, the iPhone 6 isn’t actually running on iOS 8 otherwise people will be testing the functionality once they have hands-on version of the iOS8 together with Mac OS Yosemite. Against our earlier report on the prototype obtained from Foxconn China, this iPhone 6 prototype revealed in Hong Kong seems to be more real.

The iPhone 6 this time appears to be thinner than the iPhone 5s. In terms of the colouring of the casing of iPhone 6, it seems that the black version is more finished than the gold version. The gold version has a strange colour tone very different from that of iPhone 5s. Apparently, Apple has redesign their iPhone into a more Android-like button pattern – power button on the (right) side of the phone.

The antenna is still very obvious in this version but we wonder why Apple is not covering up the antenna by filling in the same colour as the whole body. Isn’t it a better idea to conceal the thick antenna while it doesn’t really look attractive? Unlike iPhone 5s, the flashlight seems to be going back to the original version and feature a rounded spot next to the camera. Is this a step “backward” without a second flashlight built? Or is Apple reserving this for the iPhone 6s? No one can tell at this moment.

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