SONY Xperia Z3 mini (Z3 compact) leaked photos

SONY Xperia Z3 mini (Z3 compact) leaked photos


Sony is committed to refreshing their xperia smartphone products in a 6-month interval. This time, Xperia Blog found out a prototype of Xperia Z3 mini (also known as Z3 compact). This smartphone produced by the Japanese giant is going to have a 4.6 inch display and a 20 mega pixel rear camera. To add some spice to the mini model of Z3, the resolution of the Z3 mini is 720p rather than 1080p on the Z3 flagship.

A quad-core processor snapdragon 801 is going to be used on this latest model with a 3GB RAM. The Z3 mini is being updated with the latest Android firmware.

From the photos below, we can see that the place of the rear camera and the flashlight is a bit different from the rumoured Z3. This Z3 variant is also expected to be announced on 3.9.2014. Could this beat the rumoured 4.7 inch iPhone 6? We’ve yet to know.


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