Leaked photos of iPhone 6 and the box of iPhone 6

Leaked photos of iPhone 6 and the box of iPhone 6



It is never going to end until the release date on 9.9.2014, is it? TechRadar found a batch of rumourer photos of iPhone 6 and also the box carrying Apple’s new flagship smartphone of the year. The boxart resembles that of iPhone 5S featuring the front of the iPhone. The only big hint here remains the name of the phone being “iPhone 6″ at the side of the box.

iphone6-2-580-90-375x500 iphone6-3-580-901-375x500 iphone6-1-580-90-375x500 Everything in the photos looks very real. Yet one thing questionable here is why the Health Application isn’t shown on the cover of the box. We all think that Health Application is the major selling point of the whole new iOS 8 but it seems impossible for Apple to have forgotten putting it on the box. Is it a hoax? probably this time.

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