Surface Mini announcement confirmed on 20th May 2014

Surface Mini announcement confirmed on 20th May 2014

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There were rumours that Microsoft was planning a mini version of surface to be released mid 2014. Now, Microsoft has sent some invitations to invite the press to attend a “small gathering” for the upcoming devices. The “small” word hinted that this will be a special event for the first appearance of surface mini.

According to earlier rumours, the surface mini will feature a 7.5 inch screen (some say 8.5 inch though) compared to its bigger 10.1 inch version. Hopefully, this mini version of surface will also have a stylus pen for easy command and drawing.

We are not sure yet if this surface is going to feature Windows RT or a Windows 8.1. However, very likely this size of tablet is going to include both version of the Windows to catch customers looking at different price range.

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