iPhone 6 prototype leaked and sold online in China

iPhone 6 prototype leaked and sold online in China

Obviously Apple Inc is going to release their latest iPhone 6 in either June or September this year (2014). Apple had been very good at keeping secret not until the releases of iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S where the rumours all came 100% true. This time, we are seeing some photos from Chinese forums and new sites telling us that

the iPhone 6 is definitely having a 4.7 inch retina display screen. These photos have been circulated on news sites and unfortunately also on TaoBao, an amazon for Chinese people. The prototype iPhone 6 is available in two versions – plastic build and metal build. From what I observe from the texts, these are prototypes manufactured and sent over to Chinese phone case makers for adaptability tests. Therefore, somehow the size and dimensions can’t really gs_83eaa2cdb16646529d02b47a1d65235bo wrong this time. The iPhone 6 is going to keep its 3-layer rear design as well as the TouchID (finger print scanner) from iPhone 5S. The lines between the 3 layers seem to be thicker. Generally speaking, the iPhone 6 is much slimmer than ever. Apparently the design is scarifying space for more antenna compatibility especially for the TD-LTE in Mainland China.

In terms of the volume keys, the control keys have adopted the iPod Touch’s keys into the iPhone in order to make the whole build thinner. The round buttons in iPhone 5 and 5s seemed to have costed a lot of space as we look into these leaked photos. Surprisingly, the power button is placed at the left top corner of the iPhone 6 rather than the original key on the right. We have no idea why they build the phone’s power button this way but there might be some changes after the new dimensions as Apple Inc. seems to focus very much on the ergonomic design of their products.

So far as most of the rumours seems to be very real, we are quite confident that the iPhone 6 will look 95% like in the preceding photos. Of course, these prototypes are only for measurements and compatibility tests. We can’t really tell the what colour it is going to be in the final products. Furthermore, we really have no idea about the hardware specification of the new and bigger iPhone 6. We hope that more evidence would surface later in this month before the MWC 2014.






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