Ex-Genius Bar staff reveals tips for iPhone battery saving

All iPhone users are concerned about the battery life for their iPhones and indeed it is a serious issue for those who frequently use their iPhones for gaming and streaming videos. An ex-genius bar specialist just revealed online 7 tips for battery saving. He also dismisses some myth for battery saving according to his own experience. (Source: Overthought)

1. iOS 7 allows applications to have background refresh. This is a good thing but users of iPhone have to turn some apps’ background refresh off if it is not a frequently used application. To do that: simply slick into the settings > general > background app refresh > toggle some applications’ refreshes off.

2. By double-clicking the home button users will be able to shut down applications unused. The source said it is not necessary because the iOS has to reboot the application again with extra power consumption next time. It is suggested that iOS is capable of automatically quitting applications unused itself. Therefore, have faith with your iPhone!

3. Set your email refresh time interval from minutes to hours. It will enable your iPhone to enter into sleep mode longer.

4. Turn off unwanted notifications because whenever notifications pop up, your iPhone’s screen will be on. If the frequency of such is too often, it will use up your battery.

5. There are equipments at Apple Store that can test the battery performance. Bring iPhone in for a check and let Genius give you a free exchange in case your battery is running bad.

6. In terms of using your iPhone, remove the battery percentage. This is a way of avoiding checking the percentage causing extra and unnecessary battery when you are curious about it.

7. In some areas where cellular reception is bad, try to turn on the flight mode to save more battery. iPhone will keep searching for signal in these area and it will cause extra battery. If cellular is not needed, turn on wifi during flight mode would also be fine. You can freely whatsapp and line under wifi.

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