Xiaomi to release 5.5 inch HONGMI note

Xiaomi to release 5.5 inch HONGMI note

Maybe xiaomi has now become extremely famous for its budget phone. – Hongmi (or redmi) – a 4.7 inch 1.5 ghz quad core smartphone running on android at the price of only $129 USD. The Hongmi does tell us how cheap a smartphone can be. Today news are saying that Hongmi is going to have a bigger screen option for followers of budget phones. The phone maybe called Hongmi note, a name that is targeting Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note. The to-be-announced Hongmi note is going to feature a 5.5 inch IPS screen. And of course, to fight the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it’s processor has been upgraded to be an eight core one.

This phone is going to set the historically lowest price for phablet and it is going to be a direct hit on Samsung’s phablet market in China. Follow us to be informed of the new release.



Update: photos have been released on the Hongmi Note. It confirms that the device is to be a 5.5 inch screen phablet with an octa-processor.



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