iPhone 5C screen curved because of battery inflation?

iPhone 5C screen curved because of battery inflation?


I just got my iPhone 5c running for about 4 months and now it is sure that it has to go for a check

up at the Genius Bar. From what I observe as shown in the photo above, the iPhone 5c’s glass screen has popped up and and the home button is not working even it feels the same as before.

When I pressed the phone screen it feels very hard and it doesn’t seem like the anything happened with the fixture of the phone. I checked the tear down photos of iPhone 5c and figure that the battery is located exactly around the same place in the iPhone so my rough guess would be an inflated iPhone 5c battery causing the popped out screen.

Will confirm with you guys later

Update: I was given a replacement immediately when I reached the Genius Bar. I got a chance to look at my unit and saw an inflated battery inside the iPhone. It inflated by half. The genius staff said it was normal because the battery is still safe. Really, when I looked at the battery, I thought that it was going to explode. Anyways, a free replacement worked for me.

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