Apple plans to speed up iPhone releases – 2 iPhones per year?

Apple plans to speed up iPhone releases – 2 iPhones per year?



According to an analyst report from the AppleInsider, Tim Cook, CEO of the Apple Inc, and Peter Oppenhaimer had some special conversation regarding the release of iPhone recently. They were quoted as saying that Apple would plan to make “multiple refreshes per year ” of the popular devices such as iPhone.

Apple understands that they hold some 600 million accounts linked the credit cards, most of which being “high end” users willing to pay more for their iDevices. In the coming days, Apple would keep launching two phones a year. One of the iPhone will be targeting the Higher End users who look for more breakthrough in their mobile technology, while another one, similar to the launch of iPhone 5C, will be targeting there budget as well as the middle end customers. The analyst also mentioned that Apple make huge use of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and develop a new system for making payment. Yet, the so called iBeacons doing payments for users has no schedules for a release very soon.

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