Sony’s 4.8mm thick DPT-S1 sets to be the first e-paper

Sony’s 4.8mm thick DPT-S1 sets to be the first e-paper


We discussed earlier that Sony announced some e-ink technology around a year ago. These E-ink powered e-paper can be read without support of the backlight. The E-ink will be available like a feeling of a newspaper. However, what was being challenged is the thickness of such a device. Recently Sony removed the obstacles and released a 13.3 inch e-paper which is only 4.8mm thick! For e-book users this would be a big news.

The DPT-S1 is almost like an A4 paper and the slimmest part was only 6.8mm. The weight of this unprecedented device is only 358g. Yet without an appropriate processor this e-paper is very slow in processing. Even worse, it does not support colour display which means the whole display is only black and white. In terms of technological break through, this DPT-S1 features up to 1600 x 1200 pixel and 16 grey scales. There is also built in 4GB RAM as well as 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi chip. Moreover, it has a microSD card slot for memory extension. Without a backlight, Sony’s e-paper was able to work without charging for 3 weeks. Its standby time of such is indeed impressive. However, the standby time of such has excluded the time on Wi-Fi, which only has 2 hours of battery with Wi-Fi connectivity. This e-paper will first be launched on 3.12.2013 in Japan, pricing at 98,000 yen. Obviously, it is not a budget e-paper device, though.


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