iPad Air Smart Case – Brown Review

iPad Air Smart Case – Brown Review



Here we go! We have got an iPad Air Smart Case at $79.00 and we are going to do a very thorough review on this thing. First, we should put this on with the iPad Air. As this SmartCase was designed by Apple “in California”, the case certainly fits every corner of the iPad Air. The level of slimness and softness in terms of texture are impressive when you first hold it to your hand. Given the very high price for this SmartCase, a case that includes both the smart cover and a back cover, there is no doubt it is made with very high quality production standard. Like no any other cases, the SmartCase is priced expensively because it is made out of leather. It feels warm and smooth when you touch on evert part on this SmartCase. It is not very heavy so it will not add bulk to your iPad Air, a device that is originally very light in weight.


Custom-fit: the cut outs are very well done in this SmartCase. Apple has improved over time and the level of fitness has been greatly improved from the older SmartCase made for iPads. Indeed, there were problems with the older generation SmartCase such as poor cutting and blockage of some important ports. With this problem completely removed in this generation, we think that the SmartCase is the perfect build of iPad Air cases which sets the golden standard for the unofficial products.

As this Case is made with leather, the elegance can be very obvious especially when you put it on the iPad Air. It fits the rounded edges very well as you can see in the images above and below. It’s design make a natural and perfect match with that of iPad Air. The moment you insert the iPad Air into the case, you won’t feel that the SmartCase is scratching your device in a very hard way. Apparently, the edges are custom made to provide easy snap-on for users. The SmartCase will not harm any parts of your device.



Why do people buy official product? Of course it is made by Apple. As a die-hard fans of Apple Inc, people will be impressed by the Apple Logo at the back of the SmarCase. It has a very outstanding look and very wonderful colour match on the surface.





The brown coloured iPad Smart Case is ideal for businessmen and people who want to look professional. It has a natural and wooden feeling of brown as you can see from the photos. The printing inside the case is very neat and beautiful if you like the fonts from Apple.


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