How to get rid of bitstrips on Facebook newsfeed?

The bitstrips cartoons are very prominent nowadays on Facebook where a bunch of pictures were made by your friends to make fun of themselves or others. Some of them are funny but meanwhile repetitive. Some of us may wonder whether there is a way to hide all these posts and remain a clean news feed on Facebook. The answer is yes!

You can always go to account settings and get the to “block applications” path and enter the name of applications bothering you, for example bitstrips and candy crush. Having been input to the block list, the applications concerned will never push feeds to distract you anymore until later removed.

There is also another functions of blocking an application: prevent the access to your personal data such as friends list, personal particulars, birthday, photos and so on…

If you have played some Facebook or mobile games before, you might still be receiving the push notifications on your devices. If you decide to stop playing games of such, you may also wish to block them by following the instructions above.

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