Samsung Galaxy S5 to be released in CES 2014?

Both gsmarena and gadgets ndtv pointed out that the there are rumours that Samsung will release its 2014 flagship phone – the Samsung Galaxy S5 in the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2014. The GS5, being rumoured to be released 3 months earlier, is going to feature anti-dust and water-proof technologies just like what they did with the Galaxy S4 Active. The Active was not available worldwide up till now therefore the S5 might be in place to arrive earlier. The S5 is allegedly powered up with a Samsung Exynos 6 4+4 core processor supporting 64 bit proceeding speed like the iPhone 5S. It will be 100% more efficient than its older version on the GS4 but whether the 8 cores could run at the same time remains unclear. Other than the internal specifications, rumours such as curved OLED as well as 3GB RAM were accumulating popularity.

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