Samsung compensates by offering free replacement for faulty Galaxy S4 batteries

Samsung has confirmed that they will offer free battery exchange for Galaxy S4 owners who find battery life issues with their batteries including swelling batteries.

Samsung earlier acknowledged this problem and said there were limited number of customers were affected. The customers can pay a visit to the nearest Samsung Electronics Center and have a replacement battery free of charge.

Some reports did claim that the actual number of battery packs after by the selling issue is larger than Samsung expected. Mobiflip claimed that 30% of GS4 units purchased from a German supplier have faulty batteries. It is considered horrific for a 6-month old smartphone which aims at the higher class of customers. Failing to tell the public a number in their reports, Samsung should be liable to some news mentioning swelling and even explosion with the flagship device they developed.

Tell us how you think about your GS4 battery or if you have experienced it.

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