HTC One Max announced in Hong Kong

Certainly HTC will not want to lose its edge in the phablet market. The HTC One Max is released yesterday in Hong Kong. The One Max features a 5.9 inch screen and it’s latest build – htc sense 5.5 user interface, an interface that is common after the HTC One came out earlier this year. Similar to iPhone 5S, the One Max is having a finger print sensor on the screen. The on-screen finger print sensor is a sliding type sensor which requires you to swipe on the screen instead of tapping a single point on the home button as in iPhone 5s.

The One Max is powered with a quad core Qualcomm snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB RAM and a 4 mega pixel ultra pixel rear camera. To sum this up, it has similar specification as the htc One but of course it is bigger. Besides, the back cover can be opened but that doesn’t make the battery removable. It is only for exchanging micro-SD and SIM cards. The battery is 100 mAh larger than the original capacity 3200 mAh in HTC butterfly S.

In terms of its hands-on feeling, the HTC one Max feels alike the Samsung Galaxy Mega. There was only slight enhancement regarding then camera app where dual camera and anti-hand shake modes were added. White balance of the camera is seen improved.

There is an LG-Optimus G2-like scroller at the back under the camera lens on the One Max to maximize browsing experience.

The phone is now priced at $6198 HKD in Hong Kong, a price the same as its major competitor Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which was released a month ago.

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