Apple is going to show you more (iPads) on 22 October 2013

Apple is going to show you more (iPads) on 22 October 2013


Apple has released on the press that their annual iPad event is going to be held on 22.10.2013. The event is highly anticipated to be announcing the new iPads. The traditional iPad with its 3 generation-old design is rumoured to have a revamp, nearing the design of the iPad mini which was first released same time last year. In addition, the iPad mini is purported to have a screen update to feature retina display on the 7.9 inch apple made tablet. It is meanwhile unclear that if the fingerprint sensor first appeared on iPhone 5s is going to be included in the latest build.

Judging from the advertisement, the multi colored watermarks in the background might be a hint that iPad will come with many more colours! What do you think?

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