Sony Xperia QX10 and QX100 hands-on report

Sony Xperia QX10 and QX100 hands-on report


So I went to the Sony flagship shop in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong to take a look at gimmicky camera gadget made for Xperia phones. The two cameras do have some weight and they do add some bulk to the smartphones that we use. The camera dock was able to hold as big as the Galaxy Note 2, as well as the Galaxy S4. The dock is actually flexible so that it could be clipped on other smartphones. Speaking of the shooting quality, No doubt the two cameras have surpassed what we expect for portable cameras, especially when compared to the ones attached to smartphones. Let’s forget about the camera quality and go back to the original few points that we customers are concerned about.

First, despite being able to be mounted to various phones, the QX series is too heavy for mobile phone accessories which will be problematic when you put both the QX and your phone in your pocket. If you mounted the QX to an external case for Xperia Z, it will definitely makes the entity much thicker than the Galaxy Camera, a camera phone that Samsung should be losing money for.

SECOND, BUT VERY IMPORTANTLY, the NFC connection is slow and troublesome. Why I say this? First off, it takes around 2 seconds to turn on the QX. It consumes another 10- 15 seconds to hit and connect the QX with your device via NFC. In these almost 20 seconds, you are going to miss out the moment. Even worse, it takes around 5 seconds to save your captured photo to your device. So it basically will take you 30 seconds in total to have one photo taken. If you are Not standing still for multiple photos, I think you will definitely be pissed if you have to go through all The aforementioned steps again and again for single photos. Therefore, the advertisement Sony made was Not entirely true because it exaggerated The camera’s photo quality yet minimize it’s connectivity issue. This is what Sony lacks in continuity, which always fails because of overemphasis on gimmicks.

Last But Not least, if you have The QX work as a standlone device. There isn’t a screen on The camera So you would never know how The pictures you take look like. If you use it alone, it will make No difference compared to a camera.

To sum up, if you look for fun or gimmicka, The QX series is a nice gadget to own. If you look for very responsive connectivity, fast transmission, I think you’d better wait for the next generation of The QX.

We are Not sure yet if QX is gonna release a QX 200 or 20 in The near future. As Sony products have a tendency of dying all of a sudden, however.

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