Genuine 24K gold coating iPhone 5S sold for £1,780 up

Genuine 24K gold coating iPhone 5S sold for £1,780 up


A UK company Gold Genie just released their gold-coated iPhone 5S on their website. Contrary to the original Gold iPhone 5S, these modified iPhone 5S are made with 24 K gold build, meaning that you are actually holding gold bricks attached to your brand new iPhone 5S. The official iPhone 5S which was available in gold was criticized for its old fashioned and gloomy gold colour. Now, you can actually choose an iPhone 5S which is built with gold casing. Bear in mind, however, as these phones are made with real gold, it is destined to be pricey. The iPhone 5S golden version will be sold at 1,781, 1,947.5 and 2,114 Pound Sterling respectively according to the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB internal storage. One of the problem with the pricing is that… the additionally doubled memory do not cost you over 150 Pound Sterling. But it does charge you half the price of an iPhone 5S for a golden phone. So if you are potential buyer of such, better take in consideration the cost effectiveness for buying these expensively modified iPhone 5S with barely more memory.


Alternatively, for both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C owners who also want a golden casing, why not consider buying a case for your beloved phone? Cases for iPhone 5 as well as the following two models have been matured and most of them are manufactured in high quality. Of course, for gold lovers who would rather spend economically on your electronic appliances, you can also shop budget and stylish cases around the online stores. Some of the local trusted dealers sell Good quality and trendy iPhone 5C cases that can make the most our of your new phone.

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