Chromecast unboxing and installation guide

Chromecast unboxing and installation guide


What’s in the box?
1. The chromecast HDMI dongle
2. Power cord with microUSB port and an AC adapter
3.. HDMI extend cable

The chromecast, priced at $35 USD and an Apple TV rival, has recently been released and shipped to customers. Our sister-website chromecastchat had conducted a cider review of the chromecast and is showing us the unboxing and installation walkthrough via YouTube.

The Google chromecast is connected by HDMI directly to your TV despite the part looks like a USB dongle. It’s size is perfect and appears to us as if a USB thumbdrive.

Chromecastchat also put up an video that introduces a short-cut way to install the chromecast so if you own one you might want to take a brief look of the short clip before installing it correctly.


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