Samsung Galaxy S4 explosion turned owner’s home into inferno

Samsung Galaxy S4 explosion turned owner’s home into inferno


It has become a hot debate in Hong Kong and China whether talking on smartphone while charging will bring bodily harm by explosion and electrocution. The saga started since a female flight attendant was electrocuted by a charging iPhone 5. Today, headline news in Hong Kong reported that a Samsung Galaxy S4 exploded while charging and ruined owner’s home. The owner, Mr To, claimed that his phone became extremely hot while.he was casually using the phone on couch. The phone later exploded on his hands and ejected a fire ball resembling its 2600 mah battery. The phone later burned the couch following the quick drop of Mr To. Helpless in the situation, Mr To escaped the house with his wife and witnessed his home turning into an inferno.

Mr To in an interview pointed out that both the GS4 and the batteries he used were official products. Both units became dust after the fire. As an honest user of the GS4, It seems Mr To had become the third victim of similar accidents. Last time there was an identical explosion happened on a Galaxy Note 2 while charging on the bed.

Hong Kong is now in hot summer. The weather there is hot and humid from July to September which night be a cause of the above incidents. However, these explosion are peculiar.

This headline was not single occasion. There were reportedly similar incidents where batteries inside Samsung ‘s device were dished out on fire. Samsung has received the news and said will investigate into the matter.

If you are GS4 user, have you experienced similar speed heating? Be careful using that.

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