FlexiShield Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 – Black Review

FlexiShield Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 – Black Review

IMG_5287The FlexiShield is not a big brand compared to Capdase, Spigen SGP but it is still famous for making tailor-made plastic shells or silicon cases that gives all-rounded protection to your smartphone, this time we are going to talk about its Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 which is black in colour. Its price already told us something – that this case is economical. The reason why we pick this is the case has overall been satisfactory and it is beyond reasonable expectation.IMG_5288

First off, the black colour and the soft feeling texture is an advantage over many of the plastic shells that are sold elsewhere. There you can feel a very strong grip and you won’t easily have your GS4 slipped off. AS you can see from the photos we took earlier, the black colour matches the Black Mist GS4 the best. It looks like fused with the phone when you put the FlexiShield Case on.


The second thing we want to talk about is its weight. The FlexiShield Case feels very light and it is almost without any added bulk when it is installed on the GS4. As we all know that the GS4’s plastic build and very slim design makes it a very light device among all the flagships from the phone makers, the FlexiShield Case can preserve such feature and keep your GS4 as light as possible. This is widely considered a very good point for buying this case.


The third thing is on its protection: having the cut-outs for all the ports and earphone jack, the FS Case can protect every corner and every edge with its slim-fit design. Although it might still not be able to protect your case from dropping from very high ground, this case is good enough to protect your case from scratch and also small impacts.


The only thing we want to remind potential customer of this case is that as this is a silicon case with a very slim-fit design, after purchasing it you need to check carefully if there are any manufacturing flaws such as holes or any irregular surface. We also notice that the FS case is too tight and makes it hard for customers to correctly put it on. For example, the case was meant to be cover all the edges but in this case, the case fail to cover the bottom line of my GS4. And if you look at the back, you will find the cover for the camera lens seem weird. Therefore, if you are buying this case, you need to be very careful checking and also return to the reseller for flawed goods if necessary.


Also, the plastic used in building this case might be too tight. As such, the buttons of the GS4, being covered by the case, are very hard to be pressed. You might need to apply slightly more force to reach the button when you have this FS Case on.



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