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Speck CandyShell for Samsung Galaxy S IV Review

Speck CandyShell for Samsung Galaxy S IV Review


This is the first time we talk about products on Speck which features protection for the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Now this is a Two-layer design of protection in a sleek, single-piece case. The Speck has their patented design on the case that combines an impact-resistanct shell with a shock-absorbent interior for maximum protection of your Galaxy S IV. Of course, from the package you can see that the Speck product has also obtained “Designed for Samsung Mobile” label that signify its recognition from official Samsung Mobile.


The Speck CandyShell package doesn’t contain a screen protector therefore you might also need to consider buying a screen protector that gives maximum protection to your GS4. Let’s start by talking about the installation of the CandyShell. The CandyShell is not a Dual-layer case so you will need to slide your GS4 into the case which is quite hard and tight. It took me sometime to actually push my GS4 inside the case given the case itself is hardened. After pushing the GS4 in, I immediately felt that the case is really a slim fit for the GS4. Judging from the level of touch of the power button and the volume control buttons, I can tell that the buttons won’t be negatively affected by the case and the touch feeling is about just right. Therefore, the CandyShell looks really like an external layer for the GS4.


I bought this case for my white Samsung S4, and I am really pleased with the case as it fits perfectly. The case feels solid, yes it adds a little weight and a little size to the phone, but I feel confident that it will protect my phone from small bumps. The case doesn’t hamper any access to the camera or the charging hole, and with case on I am finding the side buttons easier to push.


The Candy Shell has specialized cut-outs for the GS4. Having exposed the power button and the earphone jack as well as the infrared sensor, the shape of the GS4 has been well preserved. Parts such as the rear camera, the charging port on the bottom features a port plug built into the case to protect it from dust and dirt.. As you can see from the back of the case, you will feel like it is a whole-new design of the GS4 and it matches the GS4 the best. A glossy outer shell with a rubberised interior which offers fantastic protection and the rubberised inner lining extends to a bezel, which protects the GS4 screen if it falls face down, and it gives it non-slip stability when you place it face down.The Speck CandyShell for the GS4 comes with a stylish 2 toned colour scheme which helps your phone to stand out from the crowd. The pearl white design looks eye-catchy and it contrasts well with the rubberised grey colour. Such colour match make this case very trendy and smart for teens and younger users. The case is built without added bulk to your GS4, unlike any other branded cases, the GS4 with a CandyShell on felt like the same without a case. As the case covers every single corner of the GS4, you don’t need to worry about dropping the case anywhere and this is why we chose this for a Review.


A good cell phone protection case consist of four major requirement, the first of which would be protection. The Speck CandyShell gives “Ultra” protection to its user and this is self-explanatory because Speck is an award winning company in making case and the CandyShell is one of its very famous trademark. The images we provided here already show that your GS4 will definitely not be harmed unless you drop it from a very high ground or into water. The second criteria for a good case is its weight, the Speck CandyShell fully meets this requirement because it feels very light from the very beginning when you pick it up at the store. Third, it has to give you access to the controls of the phone, the cover for the buttons in this case gives you very nice experience on pushing the buttons. The last criteria is its design, the speck has its own way of product design. The colour scheme of the GS4 cover is certainly made for those of younger ages but it looks extraordinary.IMG_5282 IMG_5283 IMG_5284 IMG_5285 IMG_5286

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