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Sony Xperia Tablet Z Accessories – Sophisticase Frameless Case Review

Sony Xperia Tablet Z Accessories – Sophisticase Frameless Case Review


Got an Xperia Tablet Z recently? Are you shopping around for cases? We have now brought to you a series of Xperia Tablet Z accessories for review and hope our post will furnish your decision in choosing the right case for your very expensive yet powerful tablet. So let’s start on the review on this Sophisticase Frameless Case. The name of it is quite self-explanatory since some of the case will cover the screen to achieve maximum protection leading some customers disappointment over the experience of such a slim and metallic device. Given the design and shape of the Xperia Z, it is difficult for manufacturers to make a breakthrough in terms of the case or cover designs. All they can do is to make some snap-on cases which might produce ugly appearance of such beautiful device. To preserve the original design of the Xperia Tablet Z, Sophisticase’s Frameless case has an outstanding design which might fall into your interest.


The unique design of this Frameless case means that your device screen will not be covered in any way. This makes it much easier to view the screen and you can see more of the gorgeous tablet that you bought. The only setback of having such case is that the snap-on points are quite big, you may agree with our observation if you look at the photo below. At every corner there is a big holder that keep the device tight in the case. Some may dislike such a design though.

IMG-20130617-WA0004The Colour of the Frameless case is quite good actually. The black leather outer layer and the deep green fiber layer inside is a match. It doesn’t look like a very trendy item but it is more a mixed colours for executives and businessmen. The case look very neat and smart with such design.


Topping off this case’s wonderful design is a multi-level viewing stand, which makes watching videos or movies, or using an external keyboard, much more comfortable. Having such adjustable design will benefit those who often put their tablets on the desk for watching movies and playing games. Alternatively, you can use the tablet with wireless keyboard or any other PC-like accessories to facilitate your Android Tablet experience.


Staying incredibly slim and lightweight, the Frameless case will hardly add any bulk to your Sony Xperia Tablet Z. The case is very thin and I almost didn’t feel any weight at all when I lift it up. This happens so when I put this on the Xperia Tablet Z which is quite heavy among the mainstream tablets but this case don’t add bulk to the overall handling and weight of the whole device.


Featuring cut-outs for all of the ports and features on your device, you will easily be able to access every aspect of your Sony Xperia Tablet Z whenever you need to. However, given the slim design of this case, the cut-outs are quite big and it might lower the protection level because there are wide gap between each holder. This is quite a trade-off if you prefer design over protection. Although it says “Keeping your Sony Xperia Tablet Z in top condition, this case will ensure protection against scratches and damage that could occur at any point.” In their product description, it seems it might not be the truth, therefore user of this case still need to exercise due care to avoid damages. The case is only able to protect from bumps that directly hit the corners but it might not be able to defend your Xperia Tablet Z from scratches and hit on the side and on the top and even on the edges of the screen.

IMG-20130617-WA0008The Sophisticase Frameless case is recommendable. It is a case for executive users who look for a business feeling in their case. It doesn’t look young enough for teenagers though. Therefore, if you look for a case that supports stands for the tablet, this would definitely be your choice. Yet, this case might not be sporty enough for those who are heavy users who play their tablets on the beach and underwater. \

Thank you Ross from GearZap.com for sending over the case for our review.


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