Samsung London event 2013 smartphone round up: Galaxy S IV Active and Zoom (GS4 Active and Zoom) announcement images

Samsung London event 2013 smartphone round up: Galaxy S IV Active and Zoom (GS4 Active and Zoom) announcement images


Why didn’t Samsung release the Active with the GS4 at the same time? This is a question frequently asked by people who already bought GS4 without knowing the coming of the GS4 Active which is the twin brother of GS4 but it has IP67 protection standard. The GS4 Active is a metallic build GS4 that has water-proof and dust-proof functions.


The GS4 Active has a 5 inch 1080 TFT LCD screen, built in Snapdragon 600 quad core processor, powered up with 2600 mAh battery and 2GB RAM. At the front there are modified 3 physical buttons instead of the home button plus two heat sense buttons. 20130621_galaxy_s4active_photoreview_01 20130621_galaxy_s4active_photoreview_06

The GS4 Active has one more camera mode which is the Aqua mode for people to take underwater photos. 20130621_galaxy_s4active_photoreview_04 20130621_galaxy_s4active_photoreview_02 20130621_galaxy_s4active_photoreview_0520130621_galaxyzoom_photoreview_04

Samsung has split their Galaxy Camera and targets mid-range camera users who also look for smartphone experience. If you don’t want smartphone built-in, you can have the Galaxy NX. But today, it is the showtime for the Galaxy S4 Zoom, an S4 varient which is specialised for photo-shooting. It has a 10X Zoom optical focus lens attached and the capability of accessing 4G LTE network.

20130621_galaxyzoom_photoreview_05 20130621_galaxyzoom_photoreview_07 20130621_galaxyzoom_photoreview_05-1

Physical shutter button for enhanced shooting experience.
20130621_galaxyzoom_photoreview_06 20130621_galaxyzoom_photoreview_03The Design of GS4 Zoom has incorporate both functionality and portability and yes the phone on its front is pretty much like an S4 but it doesn’t when you turn it over.

20130621_galaxyzoom_photoreview_01 20130621_galaxyzoom_photoreview_11The Galaxy S4 Zoom has a 16 mega pixel BSI CMOS camera lens which supports 10X optical zoom and 24mm wide angle shooting. With the help of Xenon flash light and optical anti-handshake functionality, it will be the best photographing partner for light photographers.

Image Source: ringhk


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