AT&T Samsung Galaxy S IV Active (Blue) Preview images surfaced

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S IV Active (Blue) Preview images surfaced

The Samsung Galaxy S IV (GS4) Active was first revealed in a press release on the Samsung Official Site. The said water-proof device has also got other colours such as gray, orange. Today, a Chinese source @PunkPanda revealed on Weibo the blue version of the Galaxy S4 Active.

The Blue version looks very solid under the metallic casing. The back-cover is now proved to be removable and there are also 2 colours at the back. This AT&T version of GS4 Active has built-in Android 4.2.2 system and it reaches IP67 level of water-proof standard. It is indeed much better than Sony’s Xperia Z.

As a GS4 alternative, the GS4 Active has almost the same hardware specification. A 5 inch 1080p display, 1.9 Ghz Quad Core Processor, 2Gb RAM, 16 GB Internal Storage and a downgraded 8 mega pixel camera and a 2 mega pixel front camera.

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