iOS 7 will be a battery killer on iPhone 4S: Battery Benchmark Results

iOS 7 will be a battery killer on iPhone 4S: Battery Benchmark Results

The iOS 7 was officially announced on the WWDC 2013. Every time when we speak of the firmware update from Apple, there are concern groups that will question the battery life under such a fixed system. So Phones Review tested the iOS 7 beta version on iPhone 5 and also the iPhone 4S and got the following result.

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 lost 3% of battery 3 hours after the full charge.1 day and 12 hours later the remaining battery level was 86%. The iPhone 5 was put into standby without any operation at all.

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S lost 15% in the first 3 hours, much quicker than in the iOS 6. 1 day and 12 hours later the iPhone 4S also had 1% remaining battery capacity.

After fully charging the two devices, the 5 and the 4S were brought to a web browser test, PhonesReview found that 5% were depleted with only 10 minutes in time. That proves iPhone 4S under iOS 7 has a really problematic battery life issue.



Is the iOS 7 a battery killer? thats a bit premature to say at the moment. However, it may not be as optimistic as we thought before because Apple has a history of telling the best picture to customer when speaking on the battery life.

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