New Macbook Air 11 and 13 models released – Cases available now!

New Macbook Air 11 and 13 models released – Cases available now!

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One of the most expected announcements coming out of last Monday’s WWDC press conference was the release of brand new Macbook Air models. Apple did not disappoint, and the new models are here and better than ever.

These new super slim ultraportable laptops are packing some serious heat. They come standard with the newest Intel Haswell processors, meaning that the laptops pack more of a bunch with even less effects on battery life. Average usage came in with a massive 12 hours of battery life on the 13 inch model and 9 hours on the 11 inch model. Other spec bumps included graphics that are 40% more powerful than last generation, faster flash storage SSDs (approximately 45% faster storage access than last generation), and AC wifi compatibility. These things are sure to rule the ultraportable market for now. It remains to be seen if these will hold their own against future Windows ultrabooks.

Of the two, our pick would be the 11 inch model. In addition to the fact that it weighs the least at with as much processing power as the 13 inch model, but it also costs around $100 usd less than the 13 inch model. These are definitely laptops for the road warrior so saving room and lightening the load is very important. Since you can do this so effectively with the 11 inch model without sacrificing power, we say who needs a 13 inch screen!

In addition, our good friends over at GearZap have informed us that they have some beautiful Macbook Air 11 cases in stock now. Everything from styling cases to cases centered on protection are available. If you decide to follow our recommendation and pick up the 11 inch macbook air, you’re definitely going to want to protect your investment.

The Macbook Airs start at $999 usd for the 11 inch model and $1099 for the 13 inch. You can check those out today on Apple’s Website.

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