Leaked image of Sony Xperia ZU – rumoured specification and design

Leaked image of Sony Xperia ZU – rumoured specification and design



The 6.44 incher with new series of Graphic Processing Unit has now been leaked with some concrete image. The Xperia ZU is going to run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Quad Core Processor. A france source indicate that this phone is going to be very thick according to the scale. The photo tells us that the ZU is having a similar design as the Xperia Z but has a wider speaker on the top. It shouldn’t be a photoshoped photo from the Xperia Z.



The Xperia ZU is going to debut in late June in Shanghai,China on 4.7.2013. The ZU has a 1080P display and such display will support any kind of touching objects such as stylus, pencil…etc. It has a 2GB DRAM, 16GB internal storage and supports MicroSD card for memory extension. Of course, as one of the signature function of the Xperia series, the ZU is equipped with IP55/58 class water-proof technology.

The ZU is also rumoured to have a whole-new display technology called the Triluminos with X-Reality for Mobile which is Bravia Engine-like technology that cxan enhance display accuracy. The X-Reality will work with the Adreno 330 graphic processor and is expected to have outstanding performance than the original engine.

However, it is said to have a lower pixel camera (8 mega pixel). With only 6.55 mm in terms of thickness, the Xperia ZU will become the phablet flagship for Sony in the later half of 2013. Not sure if this ZU can be a Note 3 Killer or iOS7 buster yet.

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