iPhone to get 4.7 inches and 5.7 inches larger display next year 2014?

iPhone to get 4.7 inches and 5.7 inches larger display next year 2014?

120912_540738-iphone-5-back.streams_desktop_mediumAccording to a Reuters report, Apple is said to be experimenting iPhones with bigger screens as well as lower price models (Cook doesn’t like their iPhones being called “cheap”). The new enhanced iPhone is going to be available in multiple colours aside black and white. The new iPhone is said to be launched in 2014. Although Apple declines to comment on the any of the news they have writte, it seems that Apple will most likely be launching a 4.7 inch screen and 5.7 inch screen iPhones. The media revealed this because the suppliers in Asia has already got some clues and orders that to produce the flagship iPhone which might include a larger scree.

Yet Jobs’ insistence on a lower than 4-inch display iPhone has put Apple in a very embarrassing situation since they may not dare to deviate the well walked path of Jobs. Things have changed a lot with a lot of firms such as Samsung and HTC challenging the leading role of Apple in term of smartphone market. Indeed Samsung has successfully defeated Apple in quantity with its release of huge screen models such as the Note 2 and the latest Galaxy S IV which has a 5 inch screen.

Reuters said that Apple needs a “broader product range” and this is true. The growing markets in China and India (the BRICs) is still a lucrative place for many businessmen, let alone Apple.

The iPhone 5S, according to supply chain in Japan and Korea that the Aluminium iPhone 5S and Plastic iPhone will be in production starting mid 2013 and the iPhone 5S is going to have a fingerprint sensor for added security.

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