E3 2013: Popcap releases Plants vs Zombies (PvZ) 2 Game Preview on iOS version

E3 2013: Popcap releases Plants vs Zombies (PvZ) 2 Game Preview on iOS version


Popcap, one of the biggest company in making mini games that are popular on many consoles and also the mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. Today the PvZ 2 is announced on the E3 2013 and there are some screenshots available for our previews.

Allen M. Murray, designer of Popcap, said the PvZ 2 took them around 1.5 years to complete. It is going to give users a completely new game experience on the PvZ advancing from its original version. The PvZ is a would famous defence game that has already evolved to console game according to their E3 annoucement – the multi platform game called PvZ Garden Warfares.

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There are apparently more maps in each campaign and you have three campaign modes that you can choose from including Egypy, Pirate Seas and Wild West. Variations between different maps can be seen clearly and there are objects like tracks, water, bridges…etc. Players will need to adjust their plants defence in order to fend of the flock of zombies.

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Murray said that the PvZ: It’s About Time is going to be aired on iOS platform on 18-7-2013 and the PC and Android version will also be released before Autumn 2013.

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