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WWDC 2013 Round Up: Android VS iOS 7 – Huge disappointment expressed over the Android-like iOS 7

WWDC 2013 Round Up: Android VS iOS 7 – Huge disappointment expressed over the Android-like iOS 7

The WWDC 2013 announcement was over, Android forum Droid0-Life released some comparison photos with regards to the newest Apple iOS 7. The funniest thing about iOS’s every evolution at the same time around every year is that Android supporters will say that the “new features on iOS already exist on Android” Let’s see what is “new” and what Android already has. Is Apple a copycat? In this brief round up, you are going to see the gist of iOS7 and how it resembles with the Android 4.2.2 counterpart.


Control Center:

Apple designed a shortcut for the control center. You can get into the control center from any running foreground.

The iOS Control Center has toggles for Airplane mode, Wi-Fi,Bluetooth, Brightness Control, Volume Control as well as Camera shortcut and also the Flashlight shortcut. However things such as this has already been added to Android by third party producers such as Samsung and HTC. All you need to do on Android is swipe the notification bar down and you will have a customized list of toggles. Yeah, the new idea on iOS is busted! It is an existing feature around the world except iPhone!


Lock Screen Notification.

Now iOS 7 users can swipe downward and view notifications in the Lock Screen. It is too old school much as the Android has such thing already in its two earlier versions. The New notification center on iOS is more transparent and makes it quite difficult to be viewed. On the other hand, the user interface on Android is much more solid and gives people a very comfortable viewing experience.


Safari and Chrome

The Full screen mode and 3D displays on the Safari is just the same as the Chrome launched a year ago on the Adnroid so it is nothing new. It is just that Apple was too backward at that time.



The latest multitasking will learn your preference and turn off some less used applications and keep the most used applications up to date. Such thing is not very advanced because it is just to save battery life but not to enhance the speed nor multitasking capacity of the iOS 7. Therefore, given similar things and user interface has been seen on prevalent Android devices I reckon this to be a new but a copied feature. By the way, it is nice of Apple to have copied the preview window in the multitasking page.


iTunes Radio & Google Music

The Pandora Killer is finally launched and the name is iTunes Radio. However we won’t call it revolutionary at all.The same thing have been all over the market. Users can, according to their own preference, create their own radio channel playlist and receive Apple’s recommended picks of playlist. There are “buy” buttons everywhere in the iTunes Radio and Ads as well.It serves as an add-on of the iTunes but it is nothing new at all. The point is most of the content are paid so it is nothing interesting at all. The look and feel inside the iTunes Radio looks like the Google Music. The white menu, big album covers… etc.


The renewed Mail on the iOS 7

The Mail serves as a sole email access on the iOS except you download applications like the Gmail. Now on the new Mail app you can easily swipe left or right to archive the mails. Nothing new, the mail is just a minor improvement with more finger gesture support. And the Mailbox Application which was released earlier this year and the renewed Gmail has already got this feature much earlier than the WWDC 2013.


The renewed iCal (Calendar) on iOS 7

The iCal’s refresh came very close to that of Android version. The buttons and labels are quite identical. Yet, the Android calendars was released a few weeks earlier.


Side Navigation bar

iOS 7 adds some cool function such as the navigation bar on the side. It is quite similar to the multitask bar of the Samsung UI which allows you to drag apps to the foreground and process simultaneously. So it is nice to have it here on iOS but it is, just like the above, nothing new.


LockScreen Changes

The iOS 7 have removed the upper and bottom bars and make it seem more full screen in terms of the lock screen. However, the bubble and glossy feel is just like its Android counterpart. But it is just that the iOS 7 lockscreen really looks good because it can show the full background clearly.


Source: Droid life , mydrivers

Concluding remarks:

It’s a bit too exaggerated to say that Apple is a copycat who learns from Android. Some of the features that were android exclusive are now coming to IOS. Actually many of the IOS fans are happy about that because They see that Apple is taking in the feedback from users and try to improve their operating system for many good reasons. The control center, side bars can actually enhance the overall user experience and make the IOS more competitive. As a closed system, we have to say that the IOS 7 is a big step forward rather than sticking to its old path. The IOS 7 may be launched 3 months later with the rumoured iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. It’s too early to say that IOS 7 is a bad product. We’ll see.

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  • Nikolas Kovack

    I love how you think Android invented quick toggles.
    NEWSFLASH: SBSettings (2008.)

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