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WWDC 2013 round up: Mac OS X Mavericks – A gradual improvement to the OS X that takes in a lot of iOS features.

WWDC 2013 round up: Mac OS X Mavericks – A gradual improvement to the OS X that takes in a lot of iOS features.



A day since the WWDC 2013 announcement event. This WWDC 2013 is more focused on the software development rather than a shocking event with brand new product announcement, especially with iPhone 5S and iPad mini with Retina Display entirely missing from the show. So let’s round up the WWDC 2013 in a few paragraphs before we move on to our commentary on the event and Apple’s way forward.

iOS 7 and the Mac OS X Mavericks (No more sea lion, please) are the major announcement in the event.

The OS X Mavericks:



The 10 biggest new thing on the OS X Mavericks:

1. Finder Tabs in Mac’s (similar to that ofSafari browser):

You can now add some tabs in the Finder (Document browser) of your mac by just pressing the “+” button in the window. You can customize the tabs in your own way.



2. Tabs:

You can also add labels on the your system and document files. The files will be arranged in terms of the labels for you to distribute and categorize your files easily.


3. Support for Multi-displays

The Macs do play well on the dual screens but when you run applications on full screen the supplementary screen will go blank and turn to the desktop background. To avoid this wastage of the dual screen capability, the OS X Mavericks allows applications to be customize and fit their screens according to personalized needs. Also, it work with AirPlay and Apple TV.


4. Multiple ways to enhance battery life and performance:

The OS X Mavericks adds a lot of new functions to make the system less battery consuming. For example, they improve the processors workload by time coalescing, reducing 72% of the activity of the processor. Having the Compressed memory on the Applications’ consumption on RAM, it could reduce 1.4 times the response time with a very advanced activity monitor. App Nap could also let the system focus on the apps running on the foreground without causing extra system resources in order to surge the system and battery life.


5. The new Safari is fast and more battery friendly

The new Safari is tested on the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark and found it 1.44 times faster than the Google Chrome. It is 3.8 x faster than the Mozilla FireFox in JSBench Suite Java Script test. They found that Firefox and Chrome consume 1.3 x more RAM than the Safari and respectively 1.6x and 2.9x more in the processor’s load.

The New Safari is going to have a face-lifted Home Page, side bar and sharing options on the Twitter and LinkedIn.

6. iCloud KeyChain

The Mac OS X is able to store your user website, ftp, WiFi passwords in one move. The New OS X Mavericks has a cool function called the KeyChain that can have your valuable passwords stored in the iCloud server and provide suggested codes when you need them. However, we are not sure about the security of such thing when there were some problems of iCloud being revealed before.

7. the iOS-like notification centre

As seen from the image below, it is simply like iOS on the Mac OS X and you get the notification popped out like the way it does on your iPhone and iPad. But this isn’t quite big in terms of improvement. 熒幕擷取畫面_13年6月11日上午5_16-590x326

8. An improved iCal that syncs with your Facebook and give you weather information and time estimation:

This is something that already exists if you make use of your accounts and your calendar being synchronized with your Facebook account. 熒幕擷取畫面_13年6月11日上午5_20-590x330


9. The Apple Maps (Hopefully this time with enhancement)

Apple’s homemade 3D Maps and the routes, location details are now available on the Mac OS X Mavericks and what’s more special about it is the navigation information can be transmitted to the iPhone. We surely hope that they are going to cover more cities and countries gradually.



10. iBooks in the Mac OS X



With the rising popularity of iBooks in the iOS, Apple has decided to include the cool functions of the iOS in the upcoming OS X and it helps student to study and highlighting and jotting down notes conveniently.

Short comments:

We think that Apple has done a lot of great jobs in incorporating lots of iOS functions that have been very popular. You can say that Apple is doing better meanwhile we would say Apple is just copycatting the best of their old inventions that was popular on the iOS platform but the OS X, a computer based system, may actually need a revamp. Most of these little updates are more like scattered and not very connected at all. Adding up these functions do not really represent the most powerful machines. However, the Apple Mac OS X remains a closed system and we doubt if adding so much iOS-like applications and features will truly help promoting the Mac OS X. Sure, we can’t deny that the OS X is one of the fastest consumer systems in the world. But at the same time we shall also look at its flexibility and continuity. As a Mountain Lion user, I don’t feel like I am eager to download an update from Apple for like $29.99 because I do own an iPad already. So WHAT’S SO COOL to have these iPad features on my Mac? I don’t see a point yet. If you combine these all with the newly released Day-Battery Macbook Air and Mac Pro, you might see a future on Apple’s product but I really doubt its uniqueness and vision. Is the OS X just a tool to promote their iOS? or vice versa?

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