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Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid for Samsung Galaxy S IV Product Review

Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid for Samsung Galaxy S IV Product Review


What’s in the Box?

The Neo Hybrid Case and a set of three Jelly Bean Home Button Stickers. You may wish to note that screen protector is not included in the package. With regards to the Home Button Stickers, we advice potential users not to put it on because the Jelly Bean shape of the sticker might after the durability of the home button since excessive force might be applied to it. Even if you have decided to stick it on, please use it carefully otherwise this will become a malfunctioned home button case.


  • Introduction

The Spigen SGP is a Korean brand specializes in making mobile device accessories. Their line of products is more close to the younger generation but also has the premium feeling. Indeed, the SGP’s products are not entirely economic. Most of their product are quite expensive yet with very high quality assurance. The Neo Hybrid Case is a colourful collection of Galaxy S IV cases that has very special custom-fit for the GS4. The Neo Hybrid as a UV coated Polycarbonate outer frame and a TPU inner layer. It does both protection and slim fit in the mean time for the GS4. The very high quality TPU silicon layer will not easily be affected or deformed as a result of the excessive heat from the GS4 itself.



  • The Design

The Design completely changes the look of your GS4 once the case is installed. Indeed, you may feel like your GS4’s curved edges have been covered and switched to a more solid appearance. Our observation tells that the GS4 looks like the GS2 or an iPhone 5 which have a less rounded design. We chose the white colour because we think it makes a nice contrast with the Black Mist version of the GS4. There are in total 5 available colour options (Black, White, Red, Yellow, Silver). I think the Silver colour is more for professionals and businessmen who need to make the GS4 more premium. Black is one of the good choices for normal users but if you want to look young and energetic, why not consider Red, Yellow and White. Turning the device to the rear, you will see the back of GS4 completely changed to a flatter device. The dual layers do not constitute a much thicker GS4 much as other dual layer cases like the OtterBox Commuter Case (this is more maximum protection). No added bulk can be seen anywhere except at the front. However, the edges that rise from it do not obstruct your double or single hand operation nor answer calls with your ear. Therefore, given a complete change of the look, the cost paid is to some extent worthwhile because I am sure some of us might no like the hands-on feeling of the GS4 and prefer flatter models such as the Xperia Z and iPhone 4 and 5. To be trendy enough, you may also wish to switch the bumper in a very comfortable way but you need to buy another set of the Neo Hybrid case. That’s something I wish SGP could take into consideration that is to include one or more bumper polycarbonate outer frame so that people can switch or use it as a back up.


  • Hands-on feeling

The rear side not only looks good, but it also feels good. The matt surface offers a very good grip so that the GS4 won’t easily slip off your hands or some surface. The power button and volume control buttons are accessible without additional force to press on them. It does make the GS4 a bit heavier but we think that weight is both reasonable and acceptable for a case with good design and also dual layers.


Protection of the SGP Neo Hybrid Case for GS4

The Neo Hybrid case offers full protection and that’s the reason people love it. Most GS4 cases are actually back covers, look like trays, they only attach to the 4 corners of the GS4 and hence the top and the bottom side of the GS4 is exposed to risk of drops and scratches. Given the premium silver finish of the GS4 is one of the best features of its design, I suppose users of it will want this to last as long as possible. Therefore, having a case with soft-touch and full protection will suit some of the needs. As the TPU material used in the Neo Hybrid case can absorb the drops and impact, it gives very good resistance to serious damages to the phone unless you drop it from very high position. There are cut-outs for the ports and slots for the GS4 therefore it could prevent minor damages but it is not entirely water-resistant.


  • Conclusion

We would give this case 4.5 out of 5 and we highly recommend this case to younger generations of users who look for trendy but also protective kind of GS4 cases. The stylish build of this Neo Hybrid case for the GS4 is remarkable and the material being used to produce this case is of the highest quality. Despite there might be slight difficulties for uninstalling the case (especially when you are in urgent need to replace the battery on the go), the Neo Hybrid is one of the best choices in the GS4 line of unofficial accessories. If you are interested in this post and also our reviews on cell phone accessories, follow us on Twitter and our Facebook to retrieve updates on them.


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