Sony Togari, Nokia Lumia 1030 and HTC M4 leaked photos surfaced!

Sony Togari, Nokia Lumia 1030 and HTC M4 leaked photos surfaced!


A French source called Dahny El Perro’s Twitter leaked a series of very informative photos involving a number of smartphone flagships to be released in this year of 2013.

Dahny El Perro pointed out that the BLue Windows phone at the top right hand corner is the new member to the Lumia family – Lumia 1030. From the scale of the screen compared with other suspected flagship on the same photo, the 1030 is estimated to have a 5 inch. The 1030 is rumoured to practice the WIndows Phone 8 GDR3 Operating System.

At the right hand corner there shows a Sony Flagship which could be Togari, a 6.44 incher with 1080p display. That is believed to be a phablet flagship after thew launch of Sony Xperia Z and also launched with another 5 incher called Honami.

Lastly, the White HTC smartphone should be the 4.3 inch HTC M4, the so-called HTC One mini as a rival of the Samsung Galaxy S IV mini which has just be released. However, the HTC M4 has significant difference compared to its bigger brother HTC One (4.7 inch 1080p display), it appears to have a White but not metallic white edge and a smaller dual speaker.

These photos aren’t officially confirmed by Nokia, Sony and HTC but judging from the picturing quality and matching of all information.

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Source: mydrivers

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