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Samsung Galaxy S4 sticky home button problem

Samsung Galaxy S4 sticky home button problem



After using the GS4 for about a month I start to notice something wrong with the home button of the GS4. I sometimes find the button very hard and sticky. It also has some squeeze noise when I pressed on it. I could only press 1/3 of the button but yes it is still functional. It just didn’t feel good to have some noise and “not smooth” press on the home button.


When I tried to identify the reason the next morning, the button returned to normal. The pressing feeling had returned to normal and the noise emitted was gone. I figured out that the excessive heat while charging might cause inflation of the parts around the home button and therefore obstruct the normal operation of it. I still havent found out the reason why but whr I discover this next time. I would definitely bring my GS4 to the Samsung customer center to check for any malfunctions.

If you have experienced the same difficulty like mine, please leave a message with your views.

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  • Peter

    I have the same problem. I have had mine for about give weeks.

  • Mauricio

    Not sure if I have the same problem. I went on a trip a few days ago and thought this clicking sound was caused by the airplane’s pressurized cabin (something that happened to me before, with a different phone). I’m not sure if this is covered by the warranty though. The button works fine, but there’s a snap/popping noise on the left side that is driving me crazy. I bought the phone a month ago.

    • John Shephard

      If you say the button is sunk or displaced and making strange sounds it is covered by warranty. At least in America. I got my replaced but the same thing happened again.

  • Ahad

    Reasons as to why occurs is due to dust building up in the sides of the home button. If this were to happen again, gently push down on the home button and blow on it, this normally tends to get the job done.

    • ahmed behery

      thanks alot that really helps

  • Paul Hughes

    Same here it feels OK on the right side but on the left side I have to apply more pressure to it as the button sinks in further it also feels sticky if it is left for a while, certainly not good build quality for a premium product.

  • John Shephard

    I have the same problem. I returned my original S4 for this reason. My guess is it’s a terrible design flaw but a way to substantially reduce the problem is to use a thin card, something like what you find in magazines to subscribe to them and run it all around the perimeter of the home button making sure it gets into the seams. I also put a droplet of water on it and let some of it run off the edges in case it was caused by dust and I found this to be very helpful. It doesn’t eliminate the issue but it went away for at least a few days before it came back. It really sucks since the phone is so expensive and just terribly made but if you don’t want to sell it that may give you a reprieve from the current situation.

    • http://myphonedaily.com/ My Phone Daily

      that did help a bit. thanks!

  • jamie stone

    Lol I think it might just be dust for real I press down the home button and blowed I licked my fingers and could taste the dust particles its nasty but I had to confirm the creek or clicking is gone thank you guys.

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